International Journal of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Toxicology
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Soap Production from Quality Characterized Canary melon (C.melo ) Seed Oil.

Warra, A.A.*, Sheshi, F. , Hammed, S.A. and Ahm

The physicochemical analysis revealed that the hexane extract of Canary melon seed oil has acid value, iodine value, peroxide value, saponification value, relative density and refractive index of 0.35±0.01 mgKOH/g, 135.6±0.07 gI2/100g, 1.80.00± 0.01 meq H2O2,. 233.62±0.01 mgKOH/g , 0.82±0.01and 1.44±0.00 respectively. The percentage yield was 50.42±0.01%. The colour of the oil was light cream. The following fatty acids were identified form the GC-MS analysis; Pal-mitic acid, Stearic acid, 11-Octadecenoic acid,-5-Octadecenoic acid , Oleic acid ,Octadecenoic acid, .n-Hexadecanoic acid , Ricinoleic acid and Docosanoic acid (Behenic acid). The pH , foam ability (cm³), total fatty matter, total alkali and percentage chloride of the Canary melon oil soap were 11.03± 0.02, 75.13±0.15 (cm³), 36.66 ± 0.02 %, 0.92 ± 0.02% and 0.53 ± 0.15 % respectively. The texture was soft and the colour was lighter cream. The soap was slightly soluble in water. The results indicated that the hexane extract of the Canary melon seed oil has potential for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

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