International Journal of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Toxicology
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Corynebacterium inhibiting P.grandis based herbal textile

Shubashini K Sripathi, Lalitha P and Jayanthi P

Antimicrobial finishes have increased its importance in the recent years for several reasons necessitating this research work. Herbal extracts are promising in an-timicrobial activity without much side effects. Hence the aim of this work was focused on fabricating antimicrobial textile finishes with antibacterial activity against Corynebacterium a common sweat bacterium posing bad odour and skin problems. Solvent extracts of P.grandis coated onto to cotton cloth samples by sonication method were tested for anti- corynebacterium activity by disc diffusion method according to AATCC 147 method. Good antibacterial activity was noted since there was no growth under and above the fabric samples. The leaching of extracts was also not noted as there was no zone of inhibition around the test samples. These results throw open the scope of developing newer antimicrobial herbal textile finishes.

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